Black Friday At Colony Square Mall

by Mark Bullion on November 26, 2010 at 6:12 am

Thousands braved the cold rain and crowds to catch some great deals, as early as midnight at the Colony Square Mall in Zanesville but for Black Friday shopper Aleena Tompkins, it wasn’t so much the bargains.

"Just seeing everybody, just people watching cause they are crazy and its fun to see all that they will go through to get a certain deal so i like to go just to enjoy it and the atmosphere of the wildness more than just to get the deals, says Black Friday shopper Aleena Tompkins.

Despite the fact that there were lots of good deals on just about everything, not all shoppers were as willing to open their wallets.

"Cause people aren’t buying like they used to, sales are dropping kind of but im trying to pull it out a little bit with good deals, says sunglass kiosk manager Rachel Taylor. "

Don’t forget the madness isn’t over just yet, the bargain blitz continues with Cyber Monday.