Blog: 34 Weeks and Counting…

by Kelly Mills on November 18, 2010 at 9:23 am

Finally a test done at the doctor’s office that reveals nothing but good news!

I had an ultrasound done on Wednesday. I’m exactly 34 weeks pregnant. The ultrasound revealed that little Grant is 5 pounds right now. He also already has hair! He has dropped into position and is getting ready for birth. The best news of it all was that my subchorionic hemorrhage was no where to be found! It seems as though it may have healed up. So things are looking up in the Mills household!

I’m continuing with my diabetic diet and it everything is going well. Dr. Aepli says my glucose levels are healthy and that I will not need medication to control my diabetes. At my height of my pregnancy weight gain I was 160 pounds. I’ve actually lost about four pounds since being on the diet and right now my weight is holding steady. It’s definitely not fun though! I keep a log of everything I eat to give to Dr. Aepli, here is one week of my special diet:

12:45- Small Glass Skim Milk, Granola Bar
4:35- Side Salad With Ranch, Junior Ham and Cheese Sandwich
7:00- Apple, Carrots and Broccoli with Ranch Dressing
9:30- Ten Peanuts, Yogurt
12:15- Four Egg Whites with Mustard

12:15- Glucose 82
12:15- Apple Crisp Oatmeal
2:15- Apple, Carrots and Broccoli with Ranch Dressing
5:30- Ham Sandwich on Wheat, Side Salad with Ranch
7:30- Glucose 93
8:00- Jello Mousse Cup, Skim Milk
10:15- Half Wheat Bagel with Light Cream Cheese. Orange
12:30- Protein Bar, Skim Milk

9:00- One Piece Peanut Butter Toast, Orange Juice
12:45- Chicken Sandwich on Wheat, Mixed Fruit
3:15- 60 Cal Banana Pudding, Milk
7:00- Ham Sandwich on Wheat, Side Salad with Ranch
10:00- Protein Bar, Skim Milk

9:15- Glucose 84
9:30- Half Wheat Bagel with Cream Cheese, Orange Juice
12:15- Four Naked Tenders with Spicy Garlic, Side Salad with Ranch
4:00- Four Egg Whites, String Cheese
6:00- Glucose 88
7:00- Ten Wheat Thins, Yogurt
9:45- Apple, Protein Bar

11:50- Piece of Wheat Toast with Peanut Butter, Orange Juice
1:15- Granola Bar, Skim Milk
5:00- 6 Ounce Steak, Mixed Veggies, Mushrooms
7:30- Ten Wheat Thins, Ten Peanuts, Orange
9:30- Ham Sandwich on Wheat, Quaker 90 Cal Snack
11:45- Protein Bar

11:20- Glucose 91
11:30- Half Wheat Bagel with Cream Cheese, Orange Juice
2:30- Yogurt, String Cheese
4:50- Healthy Choice Penne Portobello Mushroom Pasta
6:50- Glucose 100
6:55- Junior Ham and Cheese from Arby’s
9:15- Protein Bar, Carrots and Broccoli with French Onion Dip
12:00- Jello Mousse Cup, Orange, Skim Milk

12:00- Piece of Peanut Butter Toast, Skim Milk
2:15- Yogurt, Granola Bar
5:00- 10 Peanuts, No Sugar Banana Pudding, Orange
8:00- Glucose 114
8:30- Wheat Pasta with Alfredo Sauce, Side Salad with Ranch

11:45 Glucose 98
12:00- Half Wheat Bagel with Cream Cheese, Orange Juice
2:45- Protein Bar
4:45- Chicken with Mushroom and Artichoke, Grilled Asparagus, Broccoli
7:45- Glucose 92
8:15- Quaker Mini-Delights 90 Cal Snack, Orange


I’ll have to stay on this diabetic diet until Grant is born. I keep telling my husband after I have the baby I’m going to send him out to get me a whole list of junk food and probably gain like 10 pounds AFTER the baby. Then of course I’ll have to go on another diet to lose all my pregnancy weight! Maybe I can make a series out of that? haha 😉