Christmas Going Overseas

by Emily Baird on November 10, 2010 at 6:36 am

Ohio Christmas tree growers are trying to spread some holiday cheer overseas.

300 trees form the Buckeye State will be sent to Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, and Kuwait for Operation Evergreen. There are some restrictions though. The trees need to be a certain size to fit into a 12 X 12 X 84 inch box.

"They fold up nice in a box. In other words, they’re not stuff so the branches fold in. They don’t beak off. Then they’ll be nice when they get them," says Bob Daniels, owner of Bob’s Tree Farm.

Daniels says it’s nice for the troops to have something that reminds them of home, especially since most of the men and women are deployed out in the middle of no where. The Christmas tree growers send their contact information too so they can see how the trees end up.

"They’re creative for one thing. They come up with all kinds of stuff, but they do get a lot of people who give them ornaments," says Daniels.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture inspects each Christmas tree before they’re all shipped on the 12th.