City Council Receives Crime Report

by Brittany Shannon on November 8, 2010 at 9:39 am

Crime in Muskingum County is on the rise, and Crime Stoppers is asking for city officials’ help.

At Monday night’s City Council meeting, the Zanesville Crime Stoppers Watch informed members of council that total crimes for the third quarter equal 544 up from 491 in the second quarter. They say that assistance from city officials and members of the public can help reduce those numbers.

"If they see anything unusual. A person they don’t know. A car that’s in their area they don’t know, and don’t think belongs there, parked or anything. They need to contact the Zanesville Police Department or us as soon as possible," says Don Jones, Coordinator for Zanesville and Muskingum County Crime Stoppers Watch Organization.

Jones also presented a new program that tracks local sex offenders and provides the community with updates if a sex offender moves in or out of a neighborhood.

"Watch over our children and make sure they’re safe. When one of these sex offenders moves, what we do is we email the county official," says Jones.

To sign up for email notifications, you can visit


In other council news, amendments to the city budget were passed in an emergency. It makes the fourth amendment to the revised 2010 budget in order to assure that all departments have adequate funds through the end of the year.


A piece of legislation carries into its third reading that designates six banking institutions as city depositories through 2016.

Council members tabled an ordinance that would create a Joint Economic Development District contract with Falls Township in Muskingum County. Council tabled the issue for two more weeks to get more information from the county.

Also brought before council’s attention is a grievance filed by the Zanesville Fire Department about paid sick days. City Treasurer Paul DuBeck spoke with council members saying that numerous fire department employees have not filed the proper paperwork, and therefore will not receive pay.