Construction Season Ends

by Emily Baird on November 18, 2010 at 6:54 am

The largest construction season in the history of the state is wrapping up.

$2 billion was invested into 1,600 Ohio projects, including interstate repairs, resurfacing, and bridge and culvert replacements.

"We had a lot of crews, a lot of contractors, and i know they were all very satisfied with the work they received. Everything turned out just great, " says District 5 Highway Management Administrator, Rick Williams.

Williams says thanks to a relatively dry August and September, most projects met their completion dates on time, and he says these projects were much needed.

"For the safety of all traveling motorists. That way they can get to and from work safely, to and from vacation safely," says Williams.

ODOT is already looking ahead to next year’s construction season. Crews will be working in Muskingum County on repairing a bridge on State Route 146, halfway between Zanesville and Nashport. There will also be several different resurfacing projects, including a portion of Interstate 70 between Norwich and the Guernsey County line, a portion of State Route 60 between Zanesville and Duncan Falls, State Route 146 near Dillon Dam, and State Route 146 near its intersection with State Route 340.