Cuts Discussed in 2011 Budget Meeting

Cuts Discussed in 2011 Budget Meeting

by Brittany Shannon on November 9, 2010

Union reps, City Council members and city administrators gather to discuss how they are planning to cover a $500,000 shortfall in Zanesville’s 2011 budget.

That shortfall, however, has been cut from a much larger figure thanks to the bi-annual inheritance tax.

"We were expecting money from the inheritance tax because we get it twice a year, the surprise was how much it was. The second stipend for the year was about $1.25 million. About a $1 million more than we originally expected," says Dale Raines, Budget and Finance Director.

This bumps the city’s carryover funds from around $700,000 to approximately $1.2 million. With 2010 cuts carrying into 2011, projections show that departments should be looking at additional cuts anywhere between three to 7%.

"Everybody is pre-cut, and we’re still $500,000 short and really a big big chunk of that is going to have to come from personnel," says Raines.

Various propositions were placed on the table including employees taking a specific amount of furlough days, freezing employees’ wages at the 2010 rates, and doing without the 4% pay increase for 2011.