Diabetes Growing Problem

by Emily Baird on November 9, 2010 at 12:43 pm

It’s a medical issue that affects 27 million Americans, including children, and it’s growing.

Medical experts say diabetes is a huge problem in our country, with the focus zoning in on two-type diabetes, and they’re linking it to the obesity epidemic.

"I’m really concerned it’s going to spiral out of control. It’s too much fun to eat for people. It’s a very vicious cycle. You’re overweight so you’re less active. Then you sit around, and you eat more, " says Dr. Vicki Whitacre of the Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department.

Dr. Whitacre says diabetes is hard to live with. You may not feel good all the time. You have to watch what you eat. You need to take medication. You have an increased risk for heart disease and for the loss of distilled body parts, such as your arms and legs, but Dr. Whitacre says that can all be turned around if people would just shed some weight.

"You need to make a concerted effort to try to eat less of the simple sugars, eat more complex sugars and whole grains-like whole wheat-and exercise, " says Dr. Whitacre.

Because November is Diabetes Awareness Month, Dr. Whitacre says it’s important for people to get screened for the disease. For a list of screenings in our area this month, visit www.zmchd.org.