Downtown Structure Demolished

by Emily Baird on November 10, 2010 at 6:38 am

Construction crews are digging up the earth and removing debris after knocking down a Zanesville structure that had been condemned for years.

The seven-unit residential property once stood at the corner of South and 8th Streets, and the city says it’s happy to see it go.

"They’re a true eyesore. This structure is not being only located in the downtown area but is also visible from State Route 60 and State Route 146, " says Community Development Director, Stacy Clapper.

It’s the first and only structure that will be demolished in the downtown area, using money from the Neighborhood Stabilization grant. The other 66 pieces of property are located on the southern and eastern sides of town.

The idea is to help rehabilitate the property instead of keeping it vacant, abandoned, and open for trouble.

"…has been an issue with vagrant activity and illegal activity. We certainly had concerns about the safety of the structure itself, " says Clapper.

The downtown property is the 49th structure to be demolished. Clapper says she hopes to have the rest taken out by next summer.