Election Results Finalized

by Emily Baird on November 16, 2010 at 7:55 am

The General Election results are now official.

To date, the unofficial results from November 2nd only included absentee ballots and votes from all the polling locations in Muskingum County, but the Board of Elections counted and added provisional ballots Tuesday morning. All of the winners in each race stayed the same.

"Basically it upped our totals. So there’s no races or anything that way that’s going to be an automatic recount, " says Executive Director, Chris Hamill.

In order for the Board of Elections to conduct a recount, there has to be a half of one percent difference in the race.

Hamill says she’s surprised by voter turnout. She was expecting only 40% to show up, but it ended up being 48%. More than 26,000 Muskingum County residents cast their ballots, and Hamill says she’s thinks it was for one main reason.

"I think it was mostly candidates races. I think people were very interested in the races for candidates, " says Hamill.

The Board of Elections’ next project is preparing for the February 8th Special Election where the Village of Frazeysburg will be voting on a fire levy.