Fire and Police Departments Enjoy Thanksgiving

by Mark Bullion on November 26, 2010 at 9:06 am

Just because Thanksgiving is a national holiday, doesn’t mean everyone gets the day off. But who says you still can’t have Thanksgiving dinner on the clock?

The Zanesville Fire Department along with the Police Department gathered to enjoy their Thanksgiving feast at the firehouse. But while they may enjoy a few good laughs and eat some Turkey Day goodness, they are always prepared for whatever may come their way.

"Thanksgiving Day is no different than any other day. The emergencies still happen and we still have to respond. "

Chief Burley announced today that after thirty years of service, he will be retiring from the Fire Department next June.

"They mean a lot to me. I’ve worked with a lot of them a good bit of my career and some are just fairly new but they are family. We work together every third day for 24 hours, we get our meals here, we work together and they just become like part of your family. "

The fire fighters were called out to a fire just as they were sitting down to enjoy their meal, but upon arrival, It was only a small backyard bonfire.