Free Smoke Detectors

by Brittany Harris on November 23, 2010 at 12:04 pm

The Zanesville Fire Department is giving away free smoke detectors.

The ABC Wilson fund set up at the station provides the devices for free to families who may not be able to afford them. There are no eligibility requirements.

"I’ve seen some recent statistics that approximately 20 percent of the fires nationwide that occur, dwelling fires where there’s either no smoke detectors or working smoke detectors," said Fire Chief Dave Lacy.

He said it’s also important for those who already have smoke detectors to periodically clean them, replace the batteries, and to test them monthly. He said there are a lot of potential hazards with the holidays coming up.

"You just get into so many different situations this time of year, with decorations, with preparing large amounts of food for families and things like that."

You can pick up a smoke detector at the Zanesville Fire Department located at 332 South Street.