Genesis Healthcare System Meeting

by Brittany Harris on November 23, 2010 at 12:05 pm

Another meeting was held with the commissioners on Monday.

Genesis Healthcare officials mets with commissioners to receive approval on changes they’re interested in making to a former bond from 1996.

"Genesis uses our bond rating and we have a Triple A bond rating in Muskingum County, so it helps the hospital to use our bond rating," said County Commissioner John Bates.

He said by releasing the former bond, it will benefit the hospital and ultimately the residents.

"It doesn’t cost us anything, it doesn’t cost the hospital anything. But what it does, is it takes money they released and puts it back into capital improvements into the future of the hospital," said Bates.

He added that Muskingum County has a good bond rating compared to neighboring counties which he says is helpful in circumstances like this one.