Giving Back to Community

by Emily Baird on November 12, 2010 at 8:46 am

What does it mean to make a difference in someone’s life?

A room full of 300 people found that answer out Friday morning at the Muskingum Valley Red Cross’ annual Hometown Heroes Breakfast. 12 special individuals were recognized for their service to the community, and there were even a few tear-jerking moments.

While their stories may have been different, they all shared a similar message.

"We get a living by what we get, but we get a life by what we give. We hope people continue to give and give and give," says Hometown Hero Elizabeth Burrier.

Burrier says her hometown means everything to her.

"This community gave me everything. It gave me my job, gave me my wonderful husband-who allowed me to volunteer-and our daughter-who is just as wonderful," says Burrier.

Most people say they left the breakfast feeling inspired.

"I’m sitting there thinking I could be doing more. There’s more that we can all do, little things everyday to make somebody’s life better," says Hometown Hero Lori Gaitten.

Here’s a complete list of the recipients:
-Todd Whiteman (Education Hero)
-Kenny Wheeler (Senior Adult Hero)
-Logan Bowman (Military Hero)
-Mike Henderson (Public Safety Hero)
-Stacey James (Work Place Hero)
-Pat Chambers (Faith Based Hero)
-Martha Purkey (Health Care Hero)
-Lori Gaitten (Perry County Hero)
-Cindy Barringer (Morgan County Hero)
-Liz Burrier (Muskingum County Hero)
-Shae Burkhart (Youth Hero)
-Jennifer Durant (Hero to Pets)