Nichole Hannahs

Going on when the Going Gets Tough

by Nichole Hannahs on November 15, 2010 at 11:29 am

A program taking place at Zanesville City Schools isn’t recognizing the best athlete or even the best student. It seeks to honor those that continue to work hard even when the road isn’t easy.

Ron Derry leads the program. He went blind in 1995 and dedicated his life to teaching children that even though life might be full of obstacles they can be overcome.

"This program teaches children with a positive attitude in life as we encounter problems with other people, difficult situations, perseverance can be one of the leading themes that help us reach our goals," said Ron Derry founder of the Good Program.

Derry said while society tends to focus on those that are the best athlete or student some of the most important people are those that don’t fit those molds.

"Some of our most successful people in life are those that don’t carry those attributes," said Derry. "It’s important to me through the GOOD program that everyone realize their value and their worth in life."

Every nine weeks 15 students in each of Zanesville’s three elementary buildings will be awarded a t-shirt for living the program’s motto of being a good citizen, listener, worker and having good attendance and most importantly, going on even when it’s tough.