Holiday Traffic Enforcement

by Emily Baird on November 9, 2010 at 6:26 am

When you think of the holiday season, most of us envision a feast, time with the family, or a chance to relax. But for the Ohio State Highway Patrol, it means overtime and making more contacts with drivers.

Thanksgiving is considered a highly traveled holiday. So, to keep you safe on the roadways, the Zanesville Post is taking part in a two-week enforcement initiative. It starts this Thursday and will last through the end of the month.

"We just want to try to increase activity and be a little bit more proactive in our approach. If we can prevent one fatality, that’s progress," says Zanesville Post Commander, Lt. Steven Rine.

In years past, the initiative usually lasted between four and five days, but Lt. Rine says troopers feel it should be extended, especially since more college kids will be traveling long distances to get home for the holidays.

Troopers say the most important issue at hand when driving is paying attention to the roadway.

"The increase in technology causes the distracted driving, which compasses a lot of things. Applying make-up, texting, talking on your cell phone, changing the radio station, or reading the newspaper. We’ve seen as far as working a laptop while you’re driving, " says Lt. Rine.

And these distractions can lead to crash-causing violations, which troopers will be targeting on the roadways.