“Lighten Your Load” event helps ease holiday shopping

by Mark Bullion on November 26, 2010 at 6:01 am

The John Mcintire Library made shopping a little bit easier for some Zanesville residents this Black Friday.

The library hosted its first ever "Lighten Your Load" event. According to Customer Service Manager Blair Tom, after a long morning of shopping, residents were invited to the Library for a boxed lunch and were able to relax and learn about great holiday gifts including books, d-v-ds and music.

"We know during the holidays a lot of people give books and movies and music and we loan all of those things so we have them on hand for people to look at and consider," says Customer Service Manager Blair Tom.

Tom says mysteries are popular for leisure reading as well as a lot of how to books for non-fiction.

"Cause there always is an interest. People love to hear what other people are reading and recommending. And so this is something that we think we can adapt and will be something that will really resonate with the communities we serve," says Tom.

Tom also says not only can you check out these items at the Library, but if you give them as a gift this holiday, it’s a great way of supporting the local economy.