Lions Club Honoring Veterans

by Brittany Harris on November 7, 2010 at 6:31 am

The Lions Club of Duncan Falls hosted a lunch this afternoon to thank and honor the veterans of our country. Lions member Steve Tyo says it’s also important to show support of active duty soldiers.

"I can tell you from past experience when I was in the service, [when] I got a care package from home, I didn’t care what was in it, it meant a lot," said Tyo.

He says with the various deployments happening, it can be tolling on families. That’s why the national club has created a new initiative that involves 24 districts; Duncan Falls was selected to be one of them.

"Each club in that district is supposedly going to adopt a family of a current service member serving and be a support link for that family."

The club is collecting hard candy to send to the soldiers for the holidays and is also raising funds for Operation Spirit in Zanesville.