National Tour Stops in Zanesville

by Ashley Drane on November 8, 2010 at 12:12 pm

A dance team that’s touring all over the world made a stop in Zanesville to help educate students in our area.

The Zanesville Concert Association sponsored a free concert to all 4th graders in Muskingum County. The Lakota Sioux Indian Dance Theater performed for the 1,400 students that come to Monday’s concert at Secrest Auditorium. Before seeing the show the students had to learn about the Native American Tribe.

"We provide to them a package of materials talking about Monday’s concert and teachers use that as lessons within their school periods preparing the kids for the concert," Zanesville Concert Association Booking Agent James McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin said the students are able to learn about heritage in our county.

"I hope they take a wider outlook on the heritage of our country and the beauty of the heritage of the Indian group. This troop is from South Dekota and they will learn a lot about that and they can talk about this at school as to how we fit into this picture," McLaughlin said.

He said this is a good opportunity for the children to learn and it’s also a treat for them to get out of school and see a free concert.