People Talk About Election Results

by Ashley Drane on November 3, 2010 at 11:28 am

It was a big day for the Republican Party on Tuesday.

WHIZ News went around town and talked to people about how they feel about the election results.

"I personally think the nation is ready for the Republicans to be back in charge and i hope the Republicans can learn from the mistakes they’ve made. I’m very excited about it, I think it’s time for a change," voter Dave Vinsel said.

The Republican party gained control over the United States House of Representatives Tuesday night.

"They do have a lot to live up to. I just really really hope they can work together to get things done. I mean we need things done instead of gridlock," Jeff Dittmar said.

Dittmar said the new leadership is going to be trouble for the President.

"If the President doesn’t work with the

Republican Cngress,  you’re probably going to see a one and done president," Dittmar said.

Dittmar said he’s surprised  Ohio GovernorTed Strickland didn’t get reelected as well as Muskingum County Commissioner John Bates.