Pets Posing for the Camera

by Brittany Harris on November 14, 2010 at 10:10 am

Pets are posing for the camera.

The public was invited to get portraits taken with their pets at the Animal Shelter Society of Muskingum County Saturday morning. All proceeds raised are going to be used locally.

"We use it to help people low-income to spay and neuter their pets," says President of Muskingum County Paws Chris Medley.

Medley says she would strongly encourage everyone to get their animals spayed and neutered because if not, it ultimately affects the shelter.

"To help fray the costs and keep population down so that we don’t have so many at the shelter we’re trying to alleviate the problem before it happens instead of after the fact," she says.

She says the shelter is currently at full capacity and it’s now selling cats for $10.00