George Hiotis

Power Being Restored After Major Outage

by George Hiotis on November 15, 2010 at 1:37 am

American Electric Power is making progress in dealing with a power outage in three counties that totaled 4000 customers. As of 11:55 Monday morning only 512 Muskingum County customers and 403 Perry County customers were still without power. All Morgan county customers have had their power restored. A-E-P says it all started with a downed power line in the Crooksville area that led to problems at three sub-stations in the Crooksville-Roseville area. A-E-P says it has determined that someone was shooting at an insulator near the Avondale State Wildlife Area near State Route 93.  Power officials say when the big power line hit the ground it was still live and it was a very dangerous situation.  A-E-P says all power should be restored by 5:00 Monday afternoon.