Recreation Center Campaign Begins

by Emily Baird on November 16, 2010 at 5:46 am

$5 million may seem like a huge chunk of change, but thanks to several gifts including a one million dollar anonymous donation and pledges thus far, the Muskingum Recreation Center is halfway to its goal of 10 million dollars.

Last January, four local organizations formed a partnership and put the plans in place to bring the new 75,000 square foot facility to light, which would provide wellness amenities the community needs.

Now, they’re launching their campaign to raise the remaining funds needed. While they have applied for some grants, they are hoping to raise most of the money through private donations.

"These are our families. These are our businesses. This is our community. This is our health environment. Let’s invest in it. There’s no better investment than in the equality of life in our community," says Campaign Co-Chair, James McDonald.

Health isn’t the only factor that will improve though.

"When we can bring people in town to be involved in swim meets and basketball tournaments, that helps stimulate our local economy an awful lot," says the center’s Executive Director, Beth Chapman.

Chapman and McDonald seem certain the giving nature of this community will allow the project to reach its goal. If all the funds are raised by spring of next year, they hope to launch the new facility in the fall of 2012 on the campus of Ohio University Zanesville.