Republican Victories County, State, Nation-wide

by Brittany Shannon on November 3, 2010 at 1:07 am

Republican gains are being referred to as a ‘hurricane,’ sweeping from here in Muskingum County all the way to the Nation’s Capital.

With victories in five of Ohio’s state-wide races, four being snatched from Democrats, and the GOP picking up about 60 U.S. House seats claiming the majority, Republican Party Chairman for Muskingum County, Pat Hennessey, says the American people have sent a clear message.

"They want to see change. They’re not happy with the change that came with the last election. Our economy is not in good shape whatsoever, employment is at a huge high, it’s time that we bring industry back into our country and provide jobs," says Hennessey.

Hennessey says Tuesday night’s results are not a sign of voting against the current administration. It’s a reflection of supporting the issues.  

"They got out and voted their thoughts and what they want to see, so I don’t think it’s a referendum on any party. I think it’s what the people want and it’s time that elected officials pay attention to them."

Hennessey says that President Obama’s agenda will now face change with a Republican House majority, including the hot issue of Health Care Reform.