School Construction Almost Over

by Emily Baird on November 15, 2010 at 7:08 am

Students may be in the new Zanesville City Schools’ buildings, but there’s still work to be done on the outside.

The district had hoped the new landscape would be done by now along with the construction of the new parking lot at the high school, but a few snags have put them behind schedule. Crews ran into some rock they had to break and dig up before they could lay down concrete for the sidewalk. Then all they have left to do is crush some stone and lay down the blacktop.

Luckily, the district’s construction liason, Darrell Lear, says the weather has been on their side, but there is some upcoming rain that will be a pain.

"It just softens the ground up that you’ve already got packed and ready to put stuff on. It just kind of puts things into a derange," says Lear.

There’s also been a few technology glitches inside the building along with some heating and air conditioning issues, and while the project did seem stressful at some times, he says the end result is all worth it.

"It’s amazing to see what we started from, what we’ve moved, what we’ve done, how far we were, and we opened on time," says Lear.

Lear is hoping the rest of the odds and ends will be completed within the next several weeks.