Soldier Surprise

by Brittany Harris on November 19, 2010 at 5:10 am

A local third grader is receiving a very special surprise.

Eight-year-old Emily Elswick had no idea that her father who has been serving in Afghanistan for the past year, would be showing up at her elementary school on Friday to greet her. She thought he was going to be coming home later in the evening.

"Well it wasn’t suppose to be this large, we were just going to sneak into her classroom and surprise her," said Emily’s father Ron Elswick.

When teachers at McIntire Elementary School heard about the surprise, they organized to have the entire student body come outside to witness the heartwarming event.

"It was great, thought it would be a little more private, but it’s great and I hope she enjoyed it," said Ron Elswick.

This was Ron’s second tour overseas. He says he’s happy to be home and to have the opportunity to spend the holidays with his family.