**UPDATE** Second Mideast Bomb Threat

by Emily Baird on November 9, 2010 at 10:41 am

Another bomb threat in Zanesville interrupts a vocational school’s daily routine and forces students outside for an hour.

It’s the second bomb threat Mideast Career and Technology Center has seen in a week. The Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office and emergency crews were notified of the incident around 10:45 Tuesday morning.

"Our deputy here at the school received word through a staff member that one of the students had come back into the classroom and found a note stating there was a device in the building," says Sergeant Mike LeCocq.

LeCocq says the school acted quickly, evacuating students and staff within minutes.

"You don’t like to see anybody in harm of being injured by an explosion, but yeah, I think it certainly adds a little bit more emotion to it when it’s at an educational facility and you have a lot of young people present," says LeCocq.

Bomb detection dog Draco was taken into the high school side of the campus and did a thorough sweep of the property. LeCocq says Draco didn’t find any signs of an explosive device in the building so classes resumed as scheduled. He says the situation is showing similarities to the first bomb threat that occurred last Tuesday afternoon but wouldn’t give any specific details about it. Both cases remain under investigation.

LeCocq says bomb threats aren’t that common in our area, but they do happen from time to time.