Veteran Memorial Dedication

by Brittany Harris on November 6, 2010 at 6:21 am

While veterans day isn’t until Thursday, local men and women are already receiving special recognition for their service this weekend.

Muskingum county’s World War II and Korean War memorial dedication ceremony was held outside the courthouse in downtown Zanesville Saturday morning. All veterans in attendance received a medal thanking them for their commitment to our country.

"It’s been long over due, this project has been in the making for about eight years and we were just thrilled, I couldn’t have been happier working with Betty Acker to make this come to fruition," said Coordinator Jeff Dittmar.

Major General C.D. Moore of the Air Force was the keynote speaker and offered his gratitude for the service of the veterans. Dittmar says he doesn’t think enough respect is given to those who’ve served.

"They’re going off to service and protecting their country and doing what they can, but I just don’t feel as though this generation accepts the veterans."

In addition to recognizing the veterans, all were welcomed to view the completed monument designed by local artsist Alan Cottrill. Donations are still being accepted so that a plaque can be added to the memorial as well.