Warm Weather Welcomes Outdoor Fun

by Brittany Harris on November 11, 2010 at 10:28 am

Area residents are taking advantage of the unseasonable temperatures.

WHIZ spoke with residents at the Bethesda fitness trail in Zanesville who are hoping this warm weather sticks around for a while longer.

"I wish more days were like this, having lived in Florida for eight years I really miss the warm weather and the opportunity to get out and enjoy this track here it’s so nice and beautiful," said Wayne Stout.

While winter is well on its way, many residents are taking advantage of days like this one.

"It’s really spoiled us because last week we went to the football game and it was thirty degrees and freezing and this week here we are without jackets and then really enjoying the day," said Sandy Pisch.

The Old Farmers Almanac describes Indian Summer as warm weather following a cold spell or hard frost.