Working Smoke Detectors Save Lives

by Kelly Mills on November 5, 2010 at 3:26 am

So far this year 110 people have been killed in residential fires in the state of Ohio.

Functioning smoke detectors were found in only 22 percent of the fatal incidents. Firefighters say this weekend when you change your clocks it’s also time to change your smoke detector’s battery.

"That ensures that you just have a fresh battery in the detector. Of course couple that with the monthly checks that you should do when you push the test button and make sure they activate. That ensures you have a detector that is going to function in the event of a fire," says Dave Lacy, Zanesville Fire Chief.

Chief Lacy says many lives could have been saved if the homes had working smoke detectors, and he says there’s no excuse.

"If you literally cannot afford a detector stop by your local fire department and they’ll see that you get one," he says.

The ABC Wilson fund provides free smoke detectors for Zanesville residents who cannot afford one.

Lacy also recommends sweeping out your detector with a vacuum attachment when changing the battery.