Budget Committee Meeting

by Brittany Harris on December 6, 2010 at 8:56 am

Zanesville City Council’s Budget Committee is still working to make up a huge shortfall.

With a nearly $500,000 deficit in the city’s budget, officials gathered to review three proposals created by Budget and Finance Director Dale Raines to determine which would be most feasible for the upcoming year.

"We heard a lot of good ideas, we have contemplated the possibilities of furloughs, forfeiture of longevity, other specific ways of saving money not filling positions that retire and so on and so forth," said Mayor Butch Zwelling.

If the ten day furlough is implemented, Police Chief Eric Lambes said it will inadvertently affect the citizens. The city could face some potential security concerns if there are less patrolmen on duty. The police department is already short staffed.

"The Firemen Union say they have an idea of how it can work and I want to hear it, I want to hear the ideas. I want to take it to the police department if it works," said Mayor Zwelling.

He said the last thing he wants to see is lay-offs and is confident a resolution will be reached. A City Council meeting will be held next Monday to further discuss the proposals, the temporary budget must be figured out by December 27th.