by Ashley Zilka on December 4, 2010 at 5:17 am

Collection day brings convenience for those wanting to donate.

Today’s annual C-Day brought together the Zanesville Jaycees and Z-92.  During this event, people had the chance to donate canned goods, clothing, and even toys to The Salvation Army.  With the help of Z-92’s Alan Tangey, contributors had the chance to call in and have their donations picked up by volunteers.

"It helps support the community. It helps support our local charities. It makes things a little more convenient for the public to give where they don’t have to take things down, we can do that for them," said President of Zanesville Jaycees David Mortimer.

Mortimer says last year around 75 calls were taken, but this year, the Jaycees hope to aim higher.

"We certainly hope the community comes forward today and calls in so we can take some things to The Salvation Army, hopefully we can hit 100 this year, that’s our goal," said Mortimer. 

Donations are still being accepted. You can call 1-800-958-7825 to schedule a pick up or to find a drop off location.