Caring for Animals During Winter Months

by Mark Bullion on December 10, 2010 at 5:48 am

One local organization is urging residents this winter to watch out for their pets.

With colder temperatures and the reality of winter setting in, pet owners need to pay special attention to their animals when they are outside.

"They need to be kept warm, in a dry place, so if they are outside, they need to have proper enclosure, you know a good dog box, something like that, a garage, whatever," says Executive Director of the Animal Shelter Society Larry Hostetler

If pets are not properly taken care of in extreme weather conditions, Hostetler says they can freeze and die of hypothermia just like a human.

Hostetler also says to make sure they are hydrated and that owners are changing their water constantly since it can freeze. He says animals can also develop frostbite outside.