Christmas Community Lunch

by Ashley Zilka on December 26, 2010 at 7:14 am

After five weeks of planning, one local church welcomed people in for a warm holiday meal.

Grace United Methodist Church hosted a free community Christmas lunch Sunday where the congregation and locals came together.  The meal included all of your traditional holiday food along with 13 turkeys, weighing in at over 80 pounds.

"No one likes a warm meal better than somebody who has been out in the cold all day or somebody who is struggling. Everybody likes a warm meal and especially if its free and you don’t have to fix it; that’s the best part. So I think anybody and everybody would like that," said Outreach Committee Chair Debbie McLain. 

McLain says everything for the meal was donated by the congregation who provided money as well as food in order to make this community lunch happen.

"Its personal satisfaction to me and all the people here at Grace United Methodist Church that we can reach out to the people in our community," said McLain. 

Grace United Methodist Church is located on 516 Shinnick Street in Zanesville.