Christmas Tree Shopping

by Ashley Zilka on December 5, 2010 at 10:35 am

With only 20 days until Christmas, some locals are shopping for the perfect tree.

Owner Steve Carter of Timber Run Gardens in Zanesville says he sells around 250 Christmas trees each year.  There are three types of trees you can choose from; those include artificial, fresh cut trees, and live trees which are especially important to maintain.

"Number one, you don’t want it in the house too awful long; 2 to 3 weeks at max. You want to have a container that you can put some water in so that the cut tree, if you are using a cut tree, that the tree will absorb some water and keep fresher that way," said Carter.

Carter believes there really isn’t anything to look for when choosing a tree and that it’s really a matter of opinion.

"They pretty much know what they want. Most people been there done that, but the live tree is still the most traditional kind of thing, but the quality of the artificial tree has improved so much over the years that there is a lot of people going to artificial because the quality of them," said Carter.

Carter says artifical trees can vary in price while fresh cut trees cost 40 to 50 dollars.