Downtown Buildings up for Auction

by Kim Tewalt on December 16, 2010 at 6:53 am

Two buildings in downtown Zanesville were up for auction Thursday afternoon.

Both buildings were commercial properties, and were sold in an absolute real estate auction, with no minimum purchase price.

Both were sold to Alice McConnell and her son Rick Houston of Florida. The first building, located at 608 Main Street sold for $6600. Although in need of work, the new owners agree it has a lot to offer with its 12,500 square feet of commercial space.

"We just want to go into the first floor, and perhaps make it a furniture store." says Houston "Or bring up like a Florida-style furniture to make available to people in this area"

The other property, at 142 North Seventh Street, went for $28.600. This building has 1,500 square feet of commercial  storefront space and four one-bedroom apartments. Houston says he has big plans for this building, including giving those who work downtown another lunch option.

"It would be like coffee in the morning, maybe a small breakfast, and then perhaps burgers and soup at lunch" he says.

Houston is planning to open the restaurant this coming spring. McConnell and Houston agree both properties were a great buy, and hope to help improve downtown Zanesville with their renovations.