Emergency Department at Good Samaritan

by Ashley Zilka on December 25, 2010 at 4:13 am

It’s Christmas and the Emergency Department at Genesis Good Samaritan Hospital is ready in full force for whatever may come their way.

Registered Nurse Jason Wells says the weather brings patients in who are involved in car accidents caused mostly by snow and slick roads.  Shortness of breath due to the weather is also a common occurence.  And with relatives and friends in from out of town, there are more people who may need to get checked out.

"We are a trauma center so trauma can’t take a day off. We are here for the community for that. And then a lot of family in visiting, sick grandma, sick grandpa, brother or sister, they will bring them in and have them checked out,  said Wells.

Wells says although he is working on Christmas day, he knows he is providing a good service for the community.

"Working the holidays there is a lot of people, people at home need to think about, whether it is your medical staff, your firefighters, your EMS, who are providing a service for the community. And be mindful of our military veterans and our military personnel stationed aboard, they are not able to get home to their families where as my shift does come to an end eventually and I will get home to my family," said Wells.

Emergency service at Good Samaritan is staffed and equipped to treat all types of adult and pediatric emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.