Genesis Healthcare System Turns to New Technology

by Ashley Zilka on December 30, 2010 at 3:00 am

After recently selling several real estate properties to Nationwide Health Properties, Genesis Healthcare System is turning paperwork into new technology.

CEO Matthew Perry says the buildings and signage are not going to chance and this transition will be very transparent to the public.  And although locals may not notice any differences, Perry says they will benefit from this large sale.

"We have some very exciting news. We have sold our medical office buildings, which basically brings about 20 million dollars of outside money into Zanesville, and for us to use on getting our new electronic medical record system up and going for our community," said Perry. 

The sale did not include both Good Samaritan and Bethesda Hospitals, but it does include other medical buildings that house outpatient services, administrative support functions, and physician practices.

"And that is going to help us…our new electronic medical record system is going to help us improve patient safety, access to clinical information for the physicians and nurses, and will really help us on our quest to become very, very state of the art," said Perry. 

Perry says the transaction has already been closed and they are utilizing the money to Genesis Healthcare System as of today.