Get Your Bags Packed

by Kelly Mills on December 10, 2010 at 7:04 am

"I think probably the bag be prepared about six weeks before delivery. Just have it in a safe place in the house where you know it’s going to be," says Dr. Robert Aepli, OB/GYN.

Once you go into labor there may not be time to pack for the hospital, so it’s important to get prepared ahead of time. But what should you pack?

"It’s nice to bring an extra pair of clothes that you’ll want to wear home. If you have some comfortable pajamas that you like or a robe," says Erin Burris, childbirth educator.

"I think comfort items as well, something that’s going to make you feel more at home during your labor process as well as the post-partum time," says Dr. Aepli.

You should also pack a your toothbrush and your favorite hygiene items. A blanket and some pillows. You should also pack items for the baby. A baby blanket and one outfit for them to go home in.

"While the baby’s in the hospital we do recommend that the baby stay in our white hospital t-shirt because it’s for security reasons, so you won’t be able to dress your baby while you’re actually a patient in the hospital," says Burris.

But don’t worry about the other baby supplies.

"During your stay we do provide the diapers and the wipes and if you chose to bottle feed we do have the formula to provide for the baby while the baby is a patient," says Burris.

You may also want to pack some snacks for those other important people you need to bring along.

"Family members or previous children really help a great amount during the labor process. It helps take your mind off what’s going on," says Dr. Aepli.

And don’t forget once your bag is packed, get your car ready too.

"It’s a good idea to have the car seat in your car. So that whenever you do go to the hospital if you go a little bit early you have that
car seat there and ready to take the baby home in," Burris says.

Once everything is packed and ready to go, it’s just a waiting game.