Giving Thanks to Troops

by Brittany Harris on December 13, 2010 at 10:18 am

Soldiers are being recognized this holiday season.

Operation Spirit of Zanesville is making sure no one is forgotten this Christmas; months have been spent gathering any items that troops might need that aren’t readily available to them. From candy and books to simple holiday decorations, owner Melodie Pittman said it’s all appreciated.

"They still need our support, they need our support as much today as they did seven years ago eight years ago when this all started, and that’s the amazing thing that they know that they haven’t quit and I’m not quitting," she said.

Pittman said this year they have more than doubled the amount of care packages sent to troops, which she credits to community involvement. She said not only are soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan receiving gifts, but also those at sea.

"We sent some care packages out to sailors who are out at sea, because they are going to be gone and some of the chaplains requested some things some DVD’s and some books and things, of course we always have to send some garland and some items that they can use to decorate the ships," said the owner.

Reports indicate that more than two-million U.S. troops have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan since the September 11th attacks.

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