Letter to Mayor Zwelling

by Ashley Zilka on December 23, 2010 at 6:49 am

Three Zanesville City Council Members are calling for drastic changes to be made in the city’s government…including the firing of Fire Chief Dave Lacy.

"I would have thought the councilmen would have came to me and we would of talked about it," said Mayor Butch Zwelling. 

Mayor Zwelling received a letter from councilmen Andy Roberts, David Tarbert, and Jeff Tilton with a list of suggestions they hope he will consider making.  The three councilmen say that they are not speaking for all of city council, it is just their opinion. Councilman David Tarbert said they wrote the letter because they felt they were not being heard.  The letter is asking for 14 major changes, one of them starting at the fire department.

"Probably the most important to me is management at the fire department. That seems to effect all the other city departments in one way or the other. Because of the massive amounts of overtime that we have had over the last 3, 4, 5 years, that money that has been funneled to cover that overtime has been taken from other city departments," said Tarbert. 

Tarbert wants to make clear this complaint is not about the firefighters.  Some of the other changes include the freezing of wages for city employees and the closing of Secrest Auditorium; a change that Tarbert says must happen or the doors are going to close.  Mayor Zwelling disagrees.

"We shouldn’t panic over some financial difficulties that almost every city in the United States is having, certainly all the states," said Mayor Zwelling. 

Mayor Zwelling says he will wait until Monday night at the city council meeting when he will have an answer.