Making Gingerbread Houses

by Brittany Harris on December 17, 2010 at 6:01 am

Some culinary students are celebrating the holidays and also learning some valuable lessons.

The restaurant operations class at Mid-East in Zanesville, taught by Randall Webber, offers students with special needs the opportunity to gain work experience, so they can one day find entry-level jobs in the field. This week they are hand-making and decorating ginger bread houses.

"There’s more to it in that project based learning really helps the students explore different areas, it helps them with problem solving, critical thinking, and also be allowed to show their creativity," said Restaurant Operations Instructor Randall Webber.

Webber said the students also learn soft skills like customer service and appropriate behavior in a restaurant setting. He said it means a lot to know that they are eager to participate in projects like this one.

"Their parents tell me that they want to come to school, which means that they are really feeling at home here, that they are taken care of here, and that they are learning something here," he said.

The students also operate a public cafeteria Monday through Friday.