Martial Arts Competition at Fieldhouse Fitness

by Mark Bullion on December 11, 2010 at 8:21 am

The Fieldhouse Fitness Center hosted a Martial Arts competition today.

Groups from all over Ohio as well as Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan, and even as far as Canada came to Zanesville to participate in the day-long competition.

"Your gonna have the Tae Kwon Do, the Kenpo karate, Coszacks karate, the Okinawans type karate, some over there is Kung Fu, so i mean there is all different arts," says event organizer Dale Huston.

But among the crowd stood a true inspiration to youth karate students, and also the fact that age really is just a number. 83 year old Larry Allen has been doing karate for over thirty years.

"I owe my agility now to karate. By being in karate, we do a lot of stretching exercises, a lot of stretching motions and thats kept me mobile, kept my range of motion good, kept me active, kept me out of the wheelchair, and gave me a lot of confidence," says Allen.

Demonstrations were also featured throughout the day. The Fieldhouse plans to host the event on a quarterly basis.