Nichole Hannahs

Missing Woman Found in Licking River

by Nichole Hannahs on December 27, 2010 at 9:29 am

A Zanesville woman reported missing Monday morning is found dead in the Licking River.

Zanesville Police Captain Miller said the family of 50-year-old Mary Knipe reported her missing to Zanesville Police around 4am when the Dialysis Center called and said she failed to show for her 2am appointment.

A call of a wrecked minivan in the Licking River off Licking Road was reported about 20 minutes later to the State Highway Patrol.

"It was partially submerged and over an embankment which makes the extraction of the vehicle if there are any victims more difficult to get them up to the emergency personnel," Sgt. Clark Felix of the State Highway Patrol explained.

Sgt. Felix said it appears that Knipe went left of center, while traveling west on the roadway, over corrected and went off the right side  of the road. Her vehicle roiled several times, throwing Knipe, who wasn’t wearing a seatbelt from the van.

Sgt. Felix can’t say for certain, but believes had she been wearing her safety belt the outcome of this accident could have been different.

"It could have been," said Sgt. Felix. "The vehicle was not totally submerged and the passenger compartment of the vehicle was still pretty much intact so there was plenty of room to live."

Knipe was found in the river one hundred yards east of the vehicle. Sgt. Felix said it’s unknown what caused her to go left of center.