National Children’s Memorial Candlelight Service

by Ashley Zilka on December 12, 2010 at 9:46 am

A community comes together to honor all children who are gone too soon.

The National Children’s Memorial Candlelight Service took place tonight at Faith United Methodist Church in Zanesville. This service welcomed all people who grieve the loss of a child, making them realize they are not alone.

"What happens is there is a flame that I believe starts in New Zealand and it travels around the world. So it’s important for it to happen tonight because tonight and today there will be 24 hours of candles lit for children all around the world that have passed," said Pastor Nancy Amos. 

Beth Bickerson, who lost her son in 2004, says after the ceremony she walks out with a fulfilled heart.

"This night is special for me because it’s a celebration and it also lets me come together with all the other parents and family members and it lets me know that we aren’t alone," said Bickerson. 

Bickerson says if you couldn’t attend tonight’s ceremony, light a candle wherever you are. National Children’s Candlelight Service takes place each year on the second Sunday of December.