ODOT Ready to Combat Mother Nature

by Mark Bullion on December 1, 2010 at 5:49 am

It’s the first of December and it is also the first snowfall here in the Y-city.

But obviously with the flakes comes freezing temperatures which means one thing. O-dot is out in full force making sure area roads, bridges, and overpasses are properly treated.

"The first snowstorm typically is the worst with accidents because of motorists forgetting how they developed and how to drive in the winter storms," says ODOT Public Information Officer Kate Stickle.

Regardless of what mother nature brings this winter, the Ohio Department of Transportation is armed and ready.

"We have a capacity of six thousand tons of salt this year at this facility and we are on contract and on our contract, we’re guaranteed fill ups so if we run low, we can always call the contractor, they’ll come, they’ll fill it up," says Stickle.

Stickle says to be patient, give the car in front of you plenty of room, and to take your time traveling your destination.