Public Libraries Could Be Facing Budget Cuts

by Ashley Zilka on December 27, 2010 at 10:22 am

Public libraries here in Ohio could be facing some budget cuts in 2011.

Without any solid information regarding the 2011 funding for libraries, Public Relations Manager Blair Tom says he knows the legislature is looking for efficient and effective service delivery.  Tom says he has been locally meeting with staff and community focus groups to identify those areas.

"One thing we have done in response to those meetings is collapse our organization chart somewhat. We have combined the 5 branch libraries into the customer service division, so all customer service branch libraries, circulation, children reference is delivered in one division," said Tom. 

Tom says libraries are more important during challenging economic times because the public can gather for enrichment, education, and enjoyment free of charge.  At the Muskingum County Library, locals can build resumes, learn computer skills, and retrain for their jobs.

"Ohio’s public libraries help attract business as well. We know that if we tell the story, state funding isn’t an entitlement, as any support isn’t, it is something we need to earn everyday and we believe that we will be able to attract that kind of support," said Tom. 

He says the library has a conservative budget planned for 2011 and he feels confident that they will be able to maintain services for the public.