Salvation Army Distribution Days Go Smoothly

by Mark Bullion on December 17, 2010 at 6:15 am

The Salvation Army in Zanesville wrapped up its food, toy and clothing distribution day, helping hundreds of families this holiday season.

Captain Diane Campbell says the past two days were an overall success and cannot thank the community enough for their support.

"This is our sixth Christmas here and this is our smoothest. It just seems to be people are coming in, we have a lot of volunteers that are here giving their time to help the clients come through and help them choose their toys and pick up their food baskets," says Campbell.

For 22 year old Danielle Tabler, this is her first time coming to the Salvation Army. She is shopping for her three boys for christmas this year.

"I found a lot of things that the boys asked for for Christmas here. So I’d rather not say in case this goes on TV."

According to Campbell, the Salvation Army provided for approximately 1,000 families and children between Thursday and Friday.