Staying Up-To-Date with ODOT

by Brittany Harris on December 10, 2010 at 6:58 am

The Ohio Department of Transportation is preparing for the winter months ahead.

Its now taking advantage of various social neworking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, so motorists can be up-to-date on all road conditions. Public Information Officer Kate Stickle said that transparency is especially important.

"For you to know what we’re doing so you can know that your tax dollars are at work as we’re working for you, trying to get you to your destination safely," said Stickle.

ODOT is responsible for maintaining interstates, state routes and U.S. routes. She wants to ensure drivers that snow trucks are out there working to make sure roads are safe to travel. She said it’s important not to crowd the plows.

"Many times our drivers get into situations where they see can’t see what the spinner is that’s on the back of the truck, if the spinner is spreading salt or if the spinner is spreading material because they’re blinded by the lights from the vehicles behind them."

Reports indictate that there were 33,110 crashes on Ohio’s roads related to ice and snow last winter.

For more information you can visit ODOT’s website at: