Temporary Budget Passed

by Ashley Zilka on December 27, 2010 at 10:18 am

A temporary budget was passed tonight at the Zanesville City Council Meeting.

After weeks of deliberation, a decision was reached.  The unaffiliated workers have agreed to ten cost-saving days, but the fire, police, and AFSCME unions are still deciding.  Each city department will be notified of their final budget at a later date.  Mayor Zwelling also addressed the letter he received from three council members last week which included suggestions like firing Chief Dave Lacy, John Kunkel, and shutting down Secrest Auditorium, all of which he says will not be happening.

"I would think that all of the things suggested in their letter, they don’t expect to implement because the fact of the matter is we have a half million dollar shortfall not a 3,4,5,6 million dollar shortfall. If we had three on, I would probably agree with every single cost saving measure in their letter," said Mayor Zwelling. 

Mayor Zwelling also says politics are being played with this situation and it has no place here in Zanesville.  Councilman Jeff Tilton says otherwise.

"Well first off to say that it was politically motivated; it was not. It was three councilmen giving their suggestions to try to help save the city money," said Tilton.

A final decision for the budget must be made by March of 2011.  Also at the meeting several ordinances were reviewed and passed surrounding the city’s budget and also passed was the joint economic development district contract with Falls Township in Muskingum County.