The Season Of Giving Is Upon Us

by Ashley Zilka on December 1, 2010 at 3:40 am

After successfully raising over 10,000 dollars from the Souper Bowl Luncheon Benefit held back in October, The Muskingum County Center For Seniors is now donating the proceeds to several area organizations.  They have been selected for their dedication to the community.

"We talk about the organizations that need support in the community and the different projects that they are involved in and from that group, we choose the 6 organizations," said Marcy White, Co-Chair of Souper Bowl Benefit.

Terry Dunn, recipient for the Muskingum County Center For Seniors, expresses how important events, such as the Souper Bowl, are to the community.

"It’s really great. You know in these times that we are in, any subsequent revenue that you can get to help with programs is absolutely welcome," said Dunn. 

The recipients included Fellowship of Christ’s Community, Catholic Social Services, Community Build, Eastside Community Ministry, Muskingum County Center For Seniors, and Salvation Army.  Each organization received 17,000 dollars.